What Cat Breed Am I?

Cat you identify what breed a cat is from its head alone? Guess what cat breed these cute guys are pics, and click for some fun facts.

abyssinian kitten scratching post

Most cat lovers can identify many if not most cat breeds. When not quite sure, body size and the length and nature of the fur can help. But can you identify what cat breeds are shown below from their heads alone? Take a guess then click on the image to see if you are right and get some fun breed facts. 

Maine Coon

Known as gentle but playful giants, Maine Coon cats come in many different colors and coat patterns. They are social and talkative with a distinct 'trill'.
Maine Coons can be leash-trained and they often love water.


Ragdolls are one of the largest domestic cat breeds although they mature slowly, not reaching their full size until they are four years old. All purebred Ragdolls have blue eyes.

Turkish Van

Turkish Vans are white with darker coloring on their heads and tails. Some have a spot of color between their shoulder blades. Vans often have two different colored eyes. They have big personalities, athletic and playful.


Curious, athletic and playful, the Abyssinian is one of the most popular cat breeds in the US. Its cougar coloring comes from its 'ticked' coat, and they come in various colors including cinnamon, lilac, and fawn.

Scottish Fold

All Scottish Folds are descendants of Susie, the first of the line, born in the 1960s in Perthshire, Scotland. Scottish Folds are born with straight ears and both straight-eared and folded ear cats may be born to the same litter


Sphynx cats originated in Canada and their hairlessness is due to a recessive gene. They are not actually bald but covered in a short fuzz and their skin shows different colors and patterns.

What Cat Breed Am I?