What Are Cat Bubble Backpacks?

cat in yellow bubble backpack

Are Cat Bubble Backpacks the New Black?

Who amongst us devoted cat parents have not longed for that Lion King moment in the mountains with our beloved fur babe? Dog-walking is so over-rated when you can go hiking with your buddy in a cool cat bubble backpack, amirite? (Please don’t tell Reina, I said that).

But seriously, have you seen the latest bubble backpack cat carriers? As a short and wimpy cat owner, traditional cat carriers are not comfortable for me to carry.  They are bulky,  heavy and awkward.

I never feel like I have a proper grip or that the cat is secure. It also gets tiring pretty quickly, especially with my youngest tom, Stewy, who is a hefty lump of a thing.   Plus, I don’t drive, so by the time I have lugged my poorly puss to and from the vet by bus, my shoulders ache. My ears too because he has wailed unhappily all the way, in both directions.

So, given that lugging the cats anywhere is all pain and no pleasure, for me, the cat or any other bus passengers, it is not something I ever do for fun.   But, my friends, I do believe that is all about to change …

Blown Away By A Cat Bubble Backpack

A couple in a cafe was making such a fuss over a stranger’s brightly colored backpack that it drew my attention. Glancing over, I saw a little face peering out of a little window in the pack, obviously unfazed by the attention he was attracting. He looked just like my Spike, right down to the snooty attitude. The cat’s dad turned out to be Mike, and he told me that he was just on the way back from taking Sheldon to the vet.

He said the bubble backpack was the best thing he ever bought for Sheldon and that now he was used to it, he got mad when Mike left the house without him. After chatting a bit, Mike set the backpack on his back, jumped on his bike and cycled off with Sheldon still calmly looking out at the world.

Benefits of Catpacking

The first benefit of these cool newfangled cat carriers is obvious. Being a backpack, rather than sports bag shape, the cat’s weight is spread evenly across both shoulders and back. making it far more comfortable for the person doing the carrying.

Secondly, the backpack shifts around much less than a single shoulder strap carrier so the cat is going to be jostled a lot less.

The Best Cat Bubble Backpacks

It is hard to say which exactly would be the best choice of cat backpacks for you (and obviously for your cat). Much depends on the size and temperament of your furbabe. Make sure you read the weight limit. And overestimate the size of your cat to ensure maximum comfort.  Look for backpacks that have plenty of ventilation and preferably one that has a safety strap with clip. Some have pockets on the sides which is handy if you like to travel light. Sling your phone and keys in there and you are good to go.

For your own comfort, look at the overall weight of the backpack and its construction. Wide straps will be more comfortable and no sharp edges to dig into your back.

Another thing to consider is your cat’s level of comfort. Is the backpack firmly constructed so it doesn’t fold in on him. And also, look at the size of the window.  The capsule type, with the actual bubble, would be better for nervous cats. They can peek out just as much as suits them or curl up in the base.

Those with the full window seem to be too open to me personally, with nowhere for the cat to hunker down when he is feeling overwhelmed. Also, in sunny climes, how comfortable will you cat be exposed to the sun beating through the plastic window?

Nevertheless, some people prefer the full window cat backpacks so we have included a few in our store.

Lastly, consider a cat backpack with a password feature. This might sound a little odd but I have seen how fascinated kids are when they see a cat out and about in a cat bubble. It is not a bad idea to have a password lock to stop little fingers from letting your cat out of the bag!

Just Me and My Cat

Once you receive your cat backpack, take the time to get your cat used to the idea. At first, simply leave it open with a few treats inside to let him jump in and out, don’t try to zip him. Consider that instead of being purely functional, only a carrier to take your cat from A to B, bubble backpacks enable you to take your cat with you on leisure hikes and walks round the city. You want your cat to love the experience as much as you do.

Bubble backpacks are carried high on your back giving your cat a good view of the world and turning what was an unpleasant experience into a jaunty outing. And lastly, how else are you going to ever have that Lion King experience if you do not go hiking with your cat?

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