Caring for Your Cat

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Can My Cat Be Vegan?

Dogs can survive healthily on a vegan diet but cats are obligate carnivores and have different nutritional requirements. Can my cat be vegan?

Cat Bubble Backpacks

Types of Cat Litter

There’s a confusing array of types of cat litter on the market. Which is the best for you? After all, you do want your kitty to use it as intended unlike Felix here…


How Does Feliway Work?

How does Feliway work and will it work for your anxious, destructive or fighting cats?

What is Matatabi

Matatabi (silvervine), is an alternative to standard catnip. It effects more cats, with more intensity and for a longer time so if your furbaby has no reaction to catnip, there is a good chance he will react to matatabi. 

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