A basket of cats makes everything better!

A basket of cats makes everything better!

Types of Cat Litter

Are you confused with all the different types of cat litter, wondering what is best for the cat, best for the environment, and best on your pocket? You are not alone. It seems that every other week there is a new variety on the market and that is not even mentioning the related accoutrements like scoops, litter pads and the huge variety of litter boxes on the market today.

The Sweet Scottish Fold

Youtube adores Scottish Fold cats. Who doesn’t? With their big earnest eyes and flattened ears they look so sweet and concerned, they are totally irresistible.

Cat Attack

Why Do Good Cats Attack!When choosing a family pet, parents of young kids almost always think that a cat is the safer option. Everybody has read stories of vicious dog attacks, right? Though aggression in cats is actually quite common it doesn't tend to sell...

How Does Feliway Work?

Stressed cats may manifest their upset in unwanted behavior like fighting, scratching or peeing out the litterbox. Does Feliway work to solve these problems? When I moved house, I had the opportunity to find out for myself…

Can My Cat Be Vegan?

Dogs can survive quite healthily on a vegan diet but cats are obligate carnivores and have different nutritional requirements. Can a cat thrive on a vegan diet?

Cat Bubble Backpack

With wide straps spreading the weight across both shoulders and a lookout window for your castronaut, these cool cat backpacks are the hottest cat carriers on the market today.

Why Cats Purr

Why Do Cats Purr? Of all the cats I have known in my life, each had its very own specific way to purr. Where one rumbles like a little train, another purrs so softly that you would not know she was doing it unless you were in contact with her at the time. Often the...

Catty Thoughts

“When I am feeling
low all I have to do is watch my cats
and my courage returns”
― Charles Bukowski